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About Us

Making STEAM accessible to children, one at a time.

We are a group of international high school students striving for improvements in the field of STEAM. In addition to our plethora of activities offered, we would also like to show everyone who we are behind the scenes. Please scroll below for more information. 

Raymond Chen - Founder

Raymond is a grade 12 student at the Lord Byng Secondary school in Vancouver. Some of his hobbies include painting, sculpting, and poetry writing. He also loves exploring nature. Raymond currently works as the head of BC Youth STEAM alongside Michael Li, and he looks forward to meeting all of you!

Connor Wong - Vice Chair

Connor is a grade 12 student attending St. George’s School. He loves physics and astronomy: he has participated in many physics competitions and won a silver medal at IOAA 2022. Connor also plays trumpet in the St. George’s Senior Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble, as well as the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra. He is an enthusiast of all things STEAM!

Mike Ye - Arts and Design Management

Mike is a grade 11 student at St George's Senior school in Vancouver. He enjoys reading, playing games, and sometimes a good logic problem in coding. He has some experience working with CAD software, programming, and drafting. Overall, he looks forward to promoting STEAM in BC!

Junsoo Kim - Blog Writer

Junsoo Kim is a grade 12 student at Point Grey Secondary. His interests in school include physics, chemistry, and math. Outside of school, he enjoys playing tennis with his friends, reading, esports, and challenging himself in competitions. 

Michael Li - Founder

MIchael is a current grade 12 student at St. George's School. Outside of being the head of BC Youth STEAM, he enjoys playing and watching various sports such as basketball and badminton. STEAM is something he loves and hopes the BC Youth STEAM team can make it accessible and fun to all!

Chris Ye - Arts and Design Management

Chris is currently a grade 10 student attending St. George's senior School. He is interested in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Through BC Youth STEAM, Chris hopes to share his passion for STEAM and make STEAM learning more engaging and approachable. Outside of academics, Chris enjoys drawing, listening to music, and reading.

Lisa Xu - Treasuer

Lisa is a grade 11 student attending Crofton House School. She is especially interested in math and attends a variety of math contests. Through this experience, she hopes to spread this interest to more students, while developing a deeper understanding of STEAM subjects herself. You can sometimes find her in the stationery aisle fascinated by artificial aroma markers.

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 1.18.42 PM.png
Andy Zhu - Contest Question Creator

Andy is a grade 12 student attending St. George’s School. He greatly enjoys doing competitive programming problems. He also sets his own programming problems on DMOJ. He has some experience coding in C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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