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BC Youth STEAM Contest

General Information

The annual BC Youth STEAM Contest is a unique, multi-day competition. Teams will be formed with sizes between 2-4. Team members will be able to collaborate and conduct digital research to solve the problems in the contest. The aim is to promote interest in STEAM for high school students and help develop their collaboration and research skills. Participants must be in high school to be eligible for this contest, and you can sign up for your team on the Sign Up page on the top right.


The BC Youth STEAM contest is in partnership with the British Columbia Chemistry Olympiad (BCCO) society. 

Contest Content

The contest consists of 30 questions covering 10+ subjects in STEAM, some more than others. The difficulty can range from introductory-level questions to national-level, challenging questions for certain subjects. Participants will be able to dive deeply into questions through conducting collaborative problem-solving sessions with their respective teams alongside online research and potentially gain a passion in a specific STEAM area.

Prizes Distribution and Scoring

The scoring is determined by the number of tickets a team receives, and each question is assigned a number of tickets that can be earned based on its difficulty. The prize pool and structure are yet to be determined. However, the top few teams will receive set prizes, while those that land outside those top spots will be entered into a raffle draw for additional prizes.
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