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Upcoming Events

2022 BCYS Competition

This competition is a multi-day, cross-discipline challenge assessment for high school students in BC and Canada. There are 30 questions covering what STEAM has to offer—Math, English Language and Literature, Statistics, Psychology, Art History, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, and Pathology. The level of difficulty can range from the beginning level for a specific STEAM subject to the level of national competitions. 

This competition will take place during November 20th-30th. Teams of 2-4 will be formed in which collaboration and consultation of online resources are allowed and encouraged to tackle the problems. Participants will come away with a strengthened adeptness in problem-solving within a group and hone in crucial digital research skills. There is a $4000 prize pool and any team can win a prize through a raffle as long as one question is completed. The number of raffle tickets is determined by which questions a team gets correct.




This competition is conducted in partnership with the British Columbia Chemistry Olympiad. Below is a link to their website and available resources in Chemistry Competitions.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 11.59.56 PM.png

Past Events

BC Youth STEAM Summer and School Readiness Workshops

BC Youth STEAM hosts summer and school readiness workshops for elementary and high school students. By applying learned information taught through a multi-disciplined lecture in a learning environment, our workshop coordinators make attending these workshops a rewarding and memorable event. More information about our workshops can be found below:

Weekly Trivia

Part of BC Youth STEAM's mission statement is to educate the youth through challenging yet thought-provoking questions that assess the individual at an appropriate level. As is with our November and further competitions, BC Youth STEAM's weekly trivia challenge questions are a chance to earn some rewards and gain experience with solving difficult questions 


Informative Articles, Essays, and Personal Essays below. 

Our blog covers a variety of topics that show just how beneficial STEAM taken as a whole is.

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